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Residential Sales

The residential real estate attorneys at Ledbetter & Titsworth are here for those selling or lending for home-sales in North Carolina.

If you are selling your home on your own, you want to make sure that the contract protects your interests and ensures you are paid. At Ledbetter & Titsworth, our attorneys are qualified and experienced in the handling of residential real estate purchase and sales, Our goal for all real estate clients is a smooth and worry-free transition. Our attorneys can help, by ensuring that the contract execution and closing is handled legally and accurately, protecting all interested parties.

Residential Refinance

Need to refinance?  We offer refinancing closing services for most counties in North Carolina.

Whether you are retiring, need extra cash on hand, or simply want a better interest rate, the Law Offices of Ledbetter & Titsworth can help with all of your refinancing needs. Just like we would with any other sale or purchase, our team will ensure that you understand your refinance thoroughly and help to make the transaction go smoothly. Contact the residential real estate attorneys you can trust at Ledbetter & Titsworth for your home sale or refinance today!