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Contract Review

Need help deciphering “legalese”?  We offer contract review services.  Let us explain everything to you in easy-to-understand terms.

At Ledbetter & Titsworth, we understand how important home-buying can be. When you contact our office for contract review of a residential real estate transaction, we take the time to personally explain everything to your satisfaction, ensuring you are aware of what exactly you are signing, as well as alerting you to any “loopholes” or “fine print” the contract may contain.

Residential Purchase

We offer closing services to homeowners in most counties in North Carolina.  We make sure first-time home-buyers feel as comfortable as those who have purchased a home before.

Whether this is your first home purchase, a refinance, or a summer home purchase, the staff at Ledbetter & Titsworth residential real estate aim to please! We understand the stress involved in such a momentous decision, and will work hard to ensure you understand all that is involved in your home’s closing. Trust the attorneys at Ledbetter & Titsworth for all of your residential home purchase needs in Raleigh, Cary, and throughout the Triangle!