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Residential Real Estate Law

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Why Hire A Residential Real Estate Lawyer?

The purchase, sale, or refinancing of your home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Having an experienced residential real estate lawyer handle your sale, purchase, loan, and other legal matters is the best way to protect you financially now and moving forward. The residential real estate lawyers at Ledbetter & Titsworth can help with all of your residential real estate legal needs.

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Residential Real Estate Attorney FAQ’s

  • What are my responsibilities when buying or selling a home?

    As a buyer, you must obtain homeowners insurance and provide required documents to lenders. An experienced residential real estate attorney can help ensure paperwork is legal and in order.

  • Should I get title insurance?

    Title insurance is a one-time fee insuring that purchased property is free from all defects, liens and other holdings not specifically listed. A residential real estate lawyer can help you determine if this is best for you.

  • Does my spouse need to attend the closing if he or she is not listed on the loan?

    North Carolina law requires that a spouse not listed on the loan must sign specific legal documentation. A qualified residential real estate law firm can help with the necessary paperwork

  • Should I Order a Survey?

    While not required, a final survey is often a good idea to protect you from liability.  Contact a residential real estate law group to see if this is a good idea for you.

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